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Feb 27
Wedding Invitation Messages for WhatsApp and Facebook

The wedding date is decided, cards got printed but what if you want to share special invites to your near and dear ones. The regular card invitation is for the guests, but the ones near to your heart need to be warmly invited for your special day. Whether it be your cousin, close friend, or […]

Jan 30
Best Mehndi Designs of 2022 – Ideas & Images

Whether it is a festival or wedding, mehndi is suitable for all sorts of occasions. Girls in the Middle East, India, and Pakistan use gorgeous bridal mehndi designs to glamorize their hands and feet. Well, if you are searching for some amazing mehndi designs, your quest will end here, because we will win your heart […]

Jan 30
20+ Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple 2022

Whether it’s the wedding of your friend, coworker, or perhaps someone closely related from family. You must take some time off of your busy schedule to plan out for the gift to newlywed couples. As it is said gifting is another way of showing love and care for the person it is meant to. But […]

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