Wedding Invitation Messages for WhatsApp and Facebook

Wedding Invitation messages for WhatsApp and Facebook

The wedding date is decided, cards got printed but what if you want to share special invites to your near and dear ones. The regular card invitation is for the guests, but the ones near to your heart need to be warmly invited for your special day. Whether it be your cousin, close friend, or a lovely relative, we have listed special invitation messages for them that will melt their heart.

Express your special bond with these WhatsApp and Facebook invitations.

Wedding Invitation messages for WhatsApp and Facebook:

  • “We have decided to find happiness and start a new stage of our life. Without your love, and blessing, our journey will be incomplete. Be a part of our happy day and give us blessings to start the new journey of our life.”
Wedding Invitation Messages for Whatsapp
  • “We had heard many times that marriages are decided in heaven and celebrated on the earth. Finally, we have decided to celebrate this heavenly occasion and request your lovely presence to make our celebration more special.”
  • “Finally the hero got his heroine. Our wedding will include dance, band-Baja, emotional siyappa and endless memories. Our near and dear one, you are specially invited on the best day of our life. Fill our celebration with your presence and enjoy with us.”
  • “We have been knowing each other since our childhood days and our bond has grown so strong we don’t need to express ourselves in front of each other. Still, on my special day when I am marrying my soulmate, I ask you to stay by my side and support me like you always did.”
  • “Do you guys remember the days we spent discussing who will get married first and who will have a child first? Well, unfortunately, I am the one to get married first and so I want you all to come and join me on my day as this is the first celebration of our group. I want you all the stay by my side on this super special day.”
    “Many time you entered my parties without gifts, you came empty-handed and celebrated the day. But this will not be allowed the upcoming day, you have to come on my special wedding day and bring your presence and smile as the gift, fill the day with lots of happiness. This is the only gift I ask for.”
  • “We have shared our things, clothes, memories, days and times, always played with each other, always shared minute talks and everything. So on this special day, I invite you on my special day to share my happiness with you and only ask for your lovely presence on our special day.”“We are very happy to announce that we are getting married. We want your mere presence on our special day. Pack your bags, reach our destination and don’t even think of returning before the function. We need your support, love and presence on this super special day.”
  • “We wish you will join us at our wedding. We are very thrilled to celebrate the union of us. Our joy and happiness will be incomplete if you don’t join use. With joy, we invite you to be the part of our special day.”
    “We sent an invitation for our wedding. But a simple invitation may be less for a person like you. Our day would be quiet incomplete without your participation. We hope to see you on our special day with us, sharing our happiness.”
  • “Remember the day we first met! Totally unaware of each other and still shared our books. Now it’s time to share the happiness. Reach our wedding before time so we can create our memories on that day too.”
Wedding Invitation Messages Images
  • Tired of attending other’s marriages na? Now it’s time to celebrate your best friend’s marriage. Reach the place 5 days early and be a part of our happiness. Waiting to see you soon.”
Wedding Invitation Messages for Social Media
  • “Dear sister and brother, you would have received the official wedding invitation. But this invitation is especially for you two, best friends of my life. Reach the place before time and be the part of our happiness. We heartedly invite you for our special day.”
Wedding Invitation Messages for Facebook

So, you can surprise your loved ones by sending the above wedding invitation messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, or may be in print. Wedding invitation messages sometimes play a long-lasting or memorable role when sent with cleverness, delight, and loving touch.

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