When wedding arrives, the most important thing after the outfit comes the makeup. The bridal makeup brings a big difference to the wedding look. Whether you are a makeup lover or not, it never really matters on such a big day of life, you still require suggestions to get a glamorous look on your big day.

Today INSTAGRAM is the best platform to search for any of your requirement and hence we are here with few makeup artists on Instagram that are going to rock your day by giving you beautiful look.
We had a look over many accounts and have collected the following best makeup artists. You can follow them to see their work, and in case you like the work, you can DM them anytime to get further details.

Top Indian Wedding Makeup Artists to Follow on Instagram

Anu Raaja

A Bangalore based makeup artist provides her services globally. She gets you a perfect traditional wedding look with beautiful eyes, bold lips and glowing cheeks. She is on Instagram with more than 700 posts and is winning the hearts of people with her work.

Follow Anu Raaja on Instagram

Amrit Kaur

She is on Instagram with over 1500 posts, each with best and perfect makeup. She is one of the loved artists for the makeup as well as hairstyles. Her Instagram account is going to drive your attention in every possible way. The rose gold eyes, minimal makeup and the clean look drives the brides crazy.

Follow Amrit Kaur on Instagram

Kajol R Paswan

One more artist from Mumbai is winning the hearts with her beautiful makeup skills and especially perfect eye makeup. You can DM her anytime to get more details and book a session.

Follow Kajol R Paswan on Instagram

Swati Verma

With near to 4000 posts and stunning looks, Swati Verma is focusing on the metallic and glittery eyes. This lady, also a celebrity makeup artist has a lot for you to save for your wedding look.

Follow Swati Verma on Instagram

Jasmeet Kapany

More than 500 posts and girlie makeup, this artist is rocking the wedding look. Her signature style includes bold lips and beautiful eyes. If you love such a Barbie look and want to have it for your wedding day, this is the right person to contact.

Follow Jasmeet Kapany on Instagram

Shahid Naar

This artist is a magician that turns the girl into a beautiful bride. Her hands work like the magic stick, and her Instagram account is the proof of it. Mua Shahid Naar, with more than 1000 posts tries her hands on the beautiful eyes and glowing cheeks.

Follow Shahid Naar on Instagram

Pakkhi Pahuja

With more than 1000 posts, this artist enters the industry with her subtle and dewy makeup. She has inspirational work and different ideas for each bride. From full brows till the slim-eye browed eyes she had a lot of looks for you. Why still waiting? Have a look over her account.

Follow Pakkhi Pahuja on Instagram

Natasha Moor

She is another makeup artist on Instagram. She is an award-winning artist and the cosmetic innovator. If you are a makeup lover from traditional makeup till ultra-glamorous one, this is the right place for you.

Follow Natasha Moor on Instagram

Kashika Kapur

She is a freelance makeup artist giving her best work out. She has a magic of enhancing the facial features and a bridal look with minimal and subtle makeup.

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Pooja Khurana

With more than 3000 posts on Instagram, this artist has the brand new and minimal makeup ideas to rock your day. From clean cheeks, strong brows till mute lids and perfect look, you can get everything here.

So, these are some of the top wedding makeup artists that you must look upto on Instagram in 2020.